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WELCOME to our website – we’re glad you are here!             ron-and-peggy-smaller-photo

You will see that our site is different than many others that you may visit.

YES we are Network Marketers who promote Social Networking – Working From Home – Direct Sales – Home Based Business – MLM – Multi.Level.Marketing or whatever other name you choose to give it.

The Good News is – those terms all mean the same thing – being self-employed and being your own Boss!!!

One of the many things that are different about us is that our Blogs are NOT ALL about business. Our primary goal here is to help folks improve their health – AND – you will find information about many health related subjects for Body Mind and Soul as well as other topics and useful products.

Please be sure to read our Blog articles – Today Is A Gift – and – Our Philosophy is Pay It forward…..

Another difference is that we are firm believers in creating multiple streams of income – that’s why we call our site a Buffet – but of course we recommend doing these one step at a time.

We know that what appeals to one person may not be of interest to the next person. We do not believe in one size fits all. Each of our products and opportunities are prime or you would not find them here.

We have made this Business our Mission and our Goal is to help others because of a prolonged illness that put Ron out of action for over 20 years!

BUT now – thanks to some of the products offered here & answered prayers – he is recovering. When you find something that REALLY WORKS – you just have to share it with others – right?

We don’t want to keep it to ourselves – we want to “Pay It Forward“!

Although health – wellness & longevity is our niche market – you will find some other excellent 21st Century Opportunities here including Marketing Tools that are cutting edge and effective for Marketing any products or services that you may already have.

Ron’s background in his younger & healthier days was spent working in the fields of Management, Accounting and Sales – including Real Estate.

Peggy’s background was spent working as an Executive Assistant, Office Manager and Senior Associate Editor for two magazines. She realized a life goal by starting College at age 40 to get her degree in Communications and graduated Cum Laude.

We currently reside in Atlanta, GA USA and are the proud parents of 3 grown children who are each happily married and we have 3 GRANDchildren and lots of pets to enjoy when we visit each of them.

Now we have combined our work skills and have been learning the art of building a successful Business on the Internet. It’s both a rewarding and challenging venture that is never boring and WHEN it is done rightit can be a lot of fun! We are meeting a lot of great folks and forming many lasting relationships.

Marketing on the Net is constantly evolving – with new methods and systems being used to reach our goals. That’s why it’s so important to be included in a TEAM effort and to continue to learn from the best and then share that knowledge with others. We have achieved our status with help from a number of sources AND we offer these same TEAM connections to everyone who works with us.

Working together as a TEAM with the right people who offer lots of help and support – PLUS using proven methods and tools – and THEN plugging in to a focused systematic approach of marketing -  gives you THREE KEYS that will virtually assure your success!!!

Please do not hesitate to contact us to get acquainted and ask questions – we have a special email just for that purpose   – - -  AskRonAndPeggy@Gmail.com – - –    and we hope to hear from you real soon!

God Bless You

Ron & Peggy Caylor